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Beaut Camilla Smile Kit

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The Camellia Kit makes you feel like spring has sprung all year long.

This kit is phone activated and features blue light therapy.

To whiten: twist your whitening pen,

paint each tooth,

plug your light in,

set a 15 minute timer and relax.

Once 15 min. are up, your teeth will be 2-3 shades lighter than they were before. 

Sold and recommended by dental professionals and educators. 

Vegan Friendly FDA Cleared 

 includes: The Camellia Kit includes 1 light (compatible with iPhone, Android + USB), 1 shade guide, 1 instruction guide and 3 smile pens.

Model Info


Kelly Williams is 5'4

She wears

Top: Medium

Pants: 7 

Shoe size 7.5



Gabby is 5'5

She wears 

Top: Small

Pants: 3 regular or

1 in Judy Blue

Shoe size 7

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